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Company Headshots

Your company headshots are leaving money on the table if they don’t rock.

Imagine potential clients seeing your staff headshots, all with executive presence, looking competent and friendly.

Boosting your brand can secure more and better clients.

Make your people look like a million bucks, and your services will be worth more to clients.

Be the office hero. Hire a headshot photographer who is also a facial expression coach.

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Travel and Setup + 1 Headshot Per Person

Your exclusive booking page allows your people to sign up for convenient times during the shooting day.

On the day, High-End Headshots brings the mobile studio to your DMV office.

Each person receives facial expression coaching and chooses his or her favorite image.

This allows photo editing to begin the next day.

Images are delivered within 10 business days of final payment.


Office Headshots

Taking office headshots should not be school picture day for adults. 

Taking great office headshots is an engaging process, resulting in valuable public relations assets for companies and employees.

What is facial expression coaching?

Facial expression coaching grew out of the realization that telling people to smile produces fake smiles.

Facial expression coaching is a way to produce authentic expressions that say the right things.

The right levels of confidence and approachability, along with the authenticity no one else captures.

Executive Headshots

Of course actual executives should have high-end executive headshots.

Get headshots that rock for your board of directors and leadership.

What message are you sending to potential clients with a hodgepodge of headshots for your management team?

New Hire Headshots

After group headshots, take advantage of discounts for new hires to keep your branding on point. 

Washington, D.C. Headshot Photographer

Jon Meadows is the Headshot Photographer and Facial Expression Coach in Washington, D.C.

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