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Book Your Group Headshots

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Book the day

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Step 3

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Step 4

Receive images

Jon’s mobile studio will come to your office within 15 miles of the U.S. Capitol.

Receive an exclusive booking page, allowing convenient scheduling for each person.

Jon Meadows will photograph each person and help them select the best image.

Images will be delivered within 10 days of final payment.

$2000 Travel and Setup + $200 Per Person

If your office is within 15 miles of the U.S. Capitol, there will be a $2,000 travel and setup fee, decreasing the per person rate from $500 per person to $200 per person.

10 people = $4,000
20 people = $6,000
30 people = $8,000
40 people = $10,000

If you have questions, or you would like to book more than 40 people or would like to schedule over more than one day, please contact High-End Headshots at or 202.643.9536.