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Headshots DC

Don’t settle for a cringeworthy, fake smile.

Get a headshot that rocks.

Corporate Headshots

“Say cheese” and “Okay, smile” produce phony expressions!

Facial expression coaching is a communication process for engaging, authentic expressions.

It is a key part of a new kind of headshot experience, producing headshots that commands respect, encourages trust, and draws people to you.

People should see you as a leader in your field.

Your Facial Expression Coach

We can’t give a genuine smile on command. Being told to smile, with a camera in our faces, is uncomfortable.

Jon Meadows is your guide and coach throughout the interactive, engaging headshot session. You’ll learn how to present yourself in front of the camera.

You and Jon will craft headshots inspiring others to trust you and feel a connection with you, because of your awesome facial expressions.

Get a headshot that rocks.

Jon Meadows hosted a headshots event for Veterans.

Do You Want to Look Like a CEO?

We are our own worst critics. The first thing many clients tell me is that they are not photogenic.

Together, we craft headshots inspiring others to trust and respect you and the value you bring.

Look like you have a corner office, not a cubicle.

I will show you how to do that.



Click “SCHEDULE” to choose your convenient session time.


The magic happens in the studio, where we create your headshots.


After we shoot, you will buy your favorites from the best of the best.

If you’re looking for headshots, this is the company to work with!

Jon truly knows how to coach your facial expressions during the shoot to bring out your personal brand in the photos.

- Alanna Gomez

The best person to give you a confident, approachable, high-end headshot!

One of the key differentiators Jon brings is his coaching. I finally feel confident and proud of my headshots.

Jon is a true master of his craft.

- Michael Lutz

This was my first headshot experience. It was such a pleasure working with Jon, and I really appreciate his advice throughout the process.

His makeup artist was outstanding, and the photos are amazing.

Jon is very professional and the photos are amazing.

- Gina Grosso


Improve your life with more money.

Look like a million bucks, and get promoted or get more and better clients.


High-quality portraits will give you new information about who you are.

See yourself in a new light, and love your headshot.


Have a say in how you are perceived by bosses, colleagues, and clients.

Show them a polished image of authentic professional.

Business Headshots

Elevate your professional game.

You have lost opportunities because of what others thought of you.

Your business headshots should work for you.

Boost your brand with high-end headshots that convey your value.

Headshot Photographer

Finding the right photographer is important.

Don’t regret your headshot.

Book a headshot session with facial expression coaching, so you have a valuable marketing asset to help you excel. 

Professional Headshots DC

I love working with professionals in the DC area, and I want to hear from you. If you are ready to book, click “BOOK YOUR SESSION” or contact me using the information at the bottom of this page.

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