Look like You Work for Amazon

Amazon’s HQ2 is expanding its footprint in the DC Metro.

If you’ve just been hired in the new expansion, congratulations on starting with a Fortune 10 company!

Everyone knows: that’s a big deal. You have made a big step toward a successful career.

Does your headshot show the world you’re successful?

A High-End Headshot is a status symbol. Cheesy, fake-smile headshots should be a thing of the past. Consider investing in a new kind of headshot experience.

My facial expression coaching will guide you to headshots that build trust and create connection with the people who can boost your career. 

Move up in Amazon, or be recruited for promotions in another high-powered company.

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And then watch the video to see what it’s like to work with Jon Meadows and High-End Headshots.

Watch the video below to see what it’s like to come in for a headshot at the studio in Eastern Market (DC).