Why I Changed My Last Name to "Headshot Photographer"

Are you using LinkedIn to advance your business? Have you thought about making your LinkedIn last name something that will help you sell your product or service? 

Thanks to Andy Foster, master headshot photographer, I realized this might help me get some interest. His plan was simple.

Adding "Headshot Photographer" as our LinkedIn last name allows us to engage with our LinkedIn network without selling anyone on anything. We can respond to a post about how to arrange flowers and say, "Oh yes, great post! So-and-so would appreciate this!" 

We are being social, being helpful by tagging someone relevant and increasing the reach of our connections post -- and not selling headshots. But people will see the business we're in. Some will click on our profiles. Some of those people will go to our website. And some of those people will end up buying from us. 

Should you change your (LinkedIn) name and start selling without pitching?

My name is Jon Meadows, and I am the headshot photographer and expression coach at High-End Headshots based in Washington, D.C. I am honored to be an associate headshot photographer of Peter Hurley, who runs the Headshot Crew.

Jon Meadows