The Perfect LinkedIn Headshot Projects Competence, Confidence, and Approachability

Our headshots convey a lot of information about us. People see things in us, especially from our expressions. For 99 percent of us, our faces change when we step in front of a camera, especially in a studio with a professional photographer.

So we have three options: get by with a selfie or a picture from a wedding or a vacation (this is a bad option), go to a typical headshot photographer and hope for the best (this is better), or go to a headshot photographer who can coach us back to our normal competent, confident, approachable selves.

Every face in every picture says something about us. Do our profile pictures say “freaked out,” “afraid,” “annoyed,” or something worse? Or do our pictures say “competent, confident, and approachable”?

Let’s check our profile pictures and ask ourselves about what our expression says about our confidence.

Check out the other eight characteristics of the perfect LinkedIn headshot.

My name is Jon Meadows, and I am the headshot photographer and expression coach at High-End Headshots based in Washington, D.C. I am honored to be an associate headshot photographer of Peter Hurley, who runs the Headshot Crew.