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The Perfect Headshot Shows Our Faces

When we meet to do business, we shake hands with the person and look them in the face. Why wouldn't professionals' headshots be that close and personal? Viewing someone's profile should match meeting them in person in a professional environment.That's why the perfect executive headshot will show your face. It's the first handshake and face-to-face, even if it is only one direction. Other executives and professionals are meeting us through our executive headshots.

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The Perfect Headshot Has No Distractions

Executive headshots should draw the viewer into subject's eyes, making them feel connected to this stranger. In fact, it should go a long way toward not making them think of the subject as a stranger. If the viewer is thinking, “Wow. What is up with that person’s makeup?” or “What is that strange background? Where was this person?” then our executive headshots or profile pictures are tripping us up. That’s why a clean white or grey background is the background of choice for High-End Headshots and why it’s important to have a headshot photographer with a great eye for detail and who cares about the details.

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