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Company Headshots

Your mismatched, low-quality company headshots make it harder to see your value.

Poor branding costs your company revenue.

High-end headshots are a secret weapon. Get headshots that rock!

How It Works

Your team’s exclusive booking page makes scheduling easy.

The mobile studio comes to your office.

Everyone gets facial expression coaching and choose favorite images.

Images are delivered within 10 days of final payment.

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How many people need headshots?

Group Headshot Testimonials

Jon did an amazing job with our corporate headshots!

We had tried to go a cheaper route but were unhappy with the results.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in high-quality, professional photos.

We will definitely be using his services again.

- Molly D.

Jon was quick to schedule the group of us and when he arrived, assisted in a little camera coaching to give us that professional look for our website photographs.

Our photos we completed within a few days and sent to us for final proofing.

Thank you, Jon, our headshots look amazing!

- Renee P.

Jon’s energy is contagious. Our executives were at ease and got the most authentic headshots, thanks to his facial expression coaching.

We are thrilled with the quality of his work, and genuinely enjoyed working with him.

We give him our highest recommendation. Jon — thank you for the laughs and the best headshots we could ask for. He’s a true talent!

- Genevieve R.

Get Group Headshot Pricing

The Best Headshot Experience for Your Team

The Mobile Studio Comes to Your Office

Facial Expression Coaching for Everyone

On-Site Review and Image Selection

How many people need headshots?

Company Headshots

Imagine potential clients seeing your company headshots, all with executive presence, looking competent and friendly.

Make your people look like a million bucks, and your services will worth more to clients.

Boosting your brand can secure more and better clients.

Office Headshots

Taking office headshots should not be school picture day for adults. 

Taking great office headshots is an engaging process, resulting in valuable public relations assets for companies and employees.

What is facial expression coaching?

Facial expression coaching grew out of the realization that telling people to smile produces fake smiles.

Facial expression coaching is a way to produce authentic expressions that say the right things.

The right levels of confidence and approachability, along with the authenticity no one else captures.

Executive Headshots

Of course actual executives should have high-end executive headshots.

Get headshots that rock for your board of directors and leadership.

What message are you sending to potential clients with a hodgepodge of headshots?

New Hire Headshots

After group headshots, take advantage of discounts for new hires to keep your branding on point.