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Before and after facial expression coaching

You need a professional headshot photographer who is also a facial expression coach.

You will only get a headshot that builds trust and creates connection if you have someone to guide you.

Facial Expression Coaching

We all fear the camera, especially when we are branding ourselves for big opportunities, promotions, clients, and connections.

Facial expression coaching equips non-actors and non-models to convey confidence, approachability, and authenticity to the camera.

These headshots show us at our best.

Use the slider to see the undeniable difference.

Before and after facial expression coaching


Your headshot can’t send the right message without a facial expression coach.

Status quo photographers say “smile” or “say cheese.” The photographer, the client, and everyone else knows it's a fake smile.

Top professionals across the world are investing in their personal brands. The bar is being raised.

Jon Meadows is the only facial expression coach in the DMV. Every session includes education, practice and coaching by published headshot photographer Jon Meadows.

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DC Headshots

Let’s face it. People judge us before they meet us, and stale headshots are a liability to our brands.

A High-End Headshot is a status symbol. It lets the world know you’ve made it.

Stand out people need stand out headshots.


You’re just a click away from a coached corporate headshot that conveys the right message and improves your first impression.

Say hello to a modern headshot experience.

Professional Headshots

Jon Meadows is the DMV’s only facial expression coach.

Don't waste money on another headshot you won't love. 

Don’t get stuck on the wrong end of a camera with someone telling you to smile.

Stop doing headshots on the cheap and being disappointed.

Let Jon teach you things about your face you didn’t know. Let him guide you to a LinkedIn headshot that fits your industry and your professional goals. It’s almost always a matter of maximizing competence and balancing confidence and approachability.

Look like a million bucks, and show others your contributions are worth a boatload.

Corporate Headshots

The studio is right by Eastern Market in Washington, D.C.

During the session, we’ll review images. By the end, we will have marked all the best images, and we will review your favorites together, and you’ll make your image selections.

The final price of the experience will depend on how many images you want. Some clients only want one, while some want ten! Click here to see the pricing for an individual session.

Once you have booked your headshot, take a look at these tips for preparing for your headshot!


Headshots Washington DC

Say hello to a modern headshot experience.

The headshot industry is flush with photographers who hang their clients out to dry. "Turn your shoulders that way and smile" *Click* *Click*… *Click* *Click*… *Click* *Click*

Then they ask you which one you like best (they all look the same).

Expression coaching from an expert headshot photographer is an interactive experience. Engaging expressions come from engaging sessions when photographer and client are collaborating. It's not about taking 200 pictures; it's all about teamwork.

The old time headshot experiences don’t set you apart. High-end headshots give you an edge, building trust creating connection. They work for you when you’re in your pajamas watching Netflix on a Saturday night.

Make a better first impression, get more opportunities, meet more professionals, make better connections in your career, and get more business

Headshots Near DC

Located on Capitol Hill, my beautiful studio is three blocks from Eastern Market Metro (Blue, Silver, and Orange).


Headshot Questions

Why are headshots important?

Headshots work for us or against us, building or diminishing trust.

People make assumptions based on how we present ourselves.

Professional headshots help create the right first impression.

A high-end headshot is a combination of photography things like lighting and camera height and a spark of human connection with a genuine expression.

What happens at a headshot session?

Following the preparation guidelines in the email confirming your appointment, you'll arrive with clothing options. We will take a look and decide what will work best on camera.

If you added professional makeup, you'll have that applied.

For about 20 minutes, you'll receive expression coaching and we'll take pictures.

Throughout the process, we will review images on a laptop, marking the ones that might make the final cut.

At the end, you'll choose the headshots you want. Your retouched headshots will be delivered in about a week.

How much does a headshot cost?

There is a very simple pricing structure. Click here to see pricing for an individual session and book a convenient time.

How should I dress for my headshot?

In your headshot confirmation email, you will receive a link to preparation guidelines with information on what to wear.

To summarize: wear clean, simple, non-distracting clothing that fits well and that you enjoy wearing. Check the guidelines for full guidance.

What expression is best for my headshot?

Jon Meadows coaches clients to convey confidence (competence, professionalism) and approachability (friendliness, warmth).

It is key to have both confidence and approachability. A collaborative discussion with clients about what they need and want determines the direction Jon gives to clients.

A DJ probably wants more approachability, while a CEO probably wants more confidence.

Why should I trust High-End Headshots?

Jon Meadows has a very particular set of skills, all designed to provide a world-class headshot: lighting, body positioning, face angle, camera height, an eye for detail, and the ability to coach you to a confident and approachable expression.

This is art. Jon creates a fun, interactive, collaborative experience for his clientele.

DC Headshot Photographer

DC Headshot Photographer Jon Meadows

Jon Meadows

Jon Meadows is a published headshot photographer and facial expression coach, creating high-end headshots for professionals, mostly in and around Washington, D.C. He is an associate photographer in Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew. 

This is not “3, 2, 1, smile” photography. Jon coaches his clients to look confident and approachable.

The human face is the most interesting thing to photograph. Each face is different, and Jon knows each one is amazing.

Having a high-end headshot changes the way we view ourselves. It can open our eyes to what others see and makes us more confident people.

More about Jon Meadows

Jon and his wife Katie and love living in D.C. and spending time with their daughter.

Jon grew up in New Hampshire, was educated there and in England, and worked as a paralegal in Manhattan, where he met Katie. After six months of paralegal work, he ditched my plans to be a lawyer and jumped into politics, working on the campaign trails in New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Louisiana. In 2015, they moved to Washington, D.C. for a job on the Hill. After a reelection loss, that job came to an end. As he grew weary of losing all the time, he was falling in love with headshot photography.

Everything aligned, and he went full-time, without once looking back. He loves working one-on-one with amazing people and providing a high-end headshot experience. 

A Note from Jon about Headshots as Art

Even corporate headshots are, or at least can be, a form of art.

I showed early signs of creativity in my childhood, but the two most like professional headshot photography were creating pen and ink drawings and writing essays. 

The most striking characteristic about these two activities as it applies to headshot photography is that we start out with nothing on the page. The pen and ink drawing can be of any subject, any quality. It's completely up to what the artist does with the pens, or which keyboard buttons the writer presses.

When someone new steps in front of my camera for a headshot, I have no pictures of them. I can change that with the click of a shutter. *Click* I have taken a photograph of a human being. I have that headshot. Capturing a picture of a human is special in itself really. 

But the fun, artistic, creative part is far different from drawing or writing. This is collaborative art. It's not just up to me. My subject and I work as a team.

It is my job to get them to a point where what we create will be a valuable marketing and branding tool for them (that's the most important part of a paid shoot obviously) and that the headshot speaks to me, that I am proud of what we created together. 

I know many headshot photographers across the world who feel like I do about their work, but I don't think everyone who does this for a living or as a side hustle feels this strongly.

It may sound selfish for a business owner to be talking about whether he gets enjoyment out of the final product for a client. It's for the client, not me, right? But I think my clients get great benefit out of my investment in the final product. I don't settle; I probably want a better final product than my clients do sometimes. I'm totally committed. 

That's when a headshot is art.