A New Kind of Headshot Experience

I want you to imagine your best look – the most flattering photo you’ve ever taken. Somehow Jon can make you look better than that – before he edits the picture. The man has magical powers, y’all.
— Joshua
Jon was able to capture the perfect expressions to create a warm, confident, and professional headshot, which is exactly what I was looking for. Not to mention, I had a blast doing it!
— Nathalia

What to Expect at your Headshot Session

Headshot Preparation

As soon as you book your session, you'll get a confirmation email with a link to detailed instructions on how to prepare to get your best headshots.

Follow those, and I'll see you in the studio. Shoot me an email or give me a call if you have any questions. 

Clothing Consultation

I'll greet you when you arrive at my Capitol Hill headshot studio. We'll take a look at the clothes you brought (as suggested in the preparation instructions). I'll give you my advice about what will look best on camera, and you'll change into your first outfit. 

Professional Makeup

If you have opted for the professional makeup, which I recommend only for women, you will have your makeup applied and your hair adjusted. This process usually takes about 45 minutes. 

Technical Expression Coaching

To start out the session, I'll teach you some key knowledge and techniques for looking your best on camera and conveying confidence and approachability into the camera, so your first impression will be better than ever. 

Practical Expression Coaching

I will take my position behind the camera and coach you based on what I am seeing through the lens.

It usually takes a couple minutes to teach my clients how to do what I've just explained in the previous step. That's okay! You're actually learning a brand new skill, how to present yourself in front of the camera, in a way that will help you get ahead.

Environmental Expression Coaching

The most fun part of the headshot experience might be the environmental expression coaching. I create an engaging environment where you and I connect. We might stop and talk about your kids, or about your work. When we connect as people, we will create engaging expressions as we take your headshots. 

I also conduct the shoot in such a way that gets genuine reactions out of you. A fun shoot gets real expressions that the typical headshot session lacks. Fake, stale smiles need not apply. 

Visual Expression Coaching

An important part of the process is image review. A couple times in the headshot session, we will review the images we have created. This always helps my clients because they can see what the results are. It helps them understand the effects of the moves and techniques they've been practicing. 

Without fail, they go back in front of the camera more confident and knowledgeable. We nearly always get even better headshots after they return to their mark and we continue shooting. 

Image Selection

During the image review, we'll be marking shots that might make the final cut. At the end of the session, we review the flagged shots, and you pick your favorite(s). 

Image Delivery

Within a week, the image(s) you choose will be retouched and delivered to you in an email with a gallery for you to see, share, and download your web-optimized headshots. 

And that's a wrap!

Incredible — Jon looked out for me. The session was fun, and I felt comfortable. I’m not easy to photograph, but he walked me through the poses. Highly recommend.
— KaLeigh
Jon really understands what it takes to get your best headshot! The end result is an awesome headshot you’re both happy with - Jon certainly exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend trusting him to bring out your best!
— Jackie
Jon is the rare combination of talented professional and extremely personable. We worked through what I was looking for, his directions were clear, detailed, & helpful.
— Emily