Corporate Headshots


High-End Headshots offers corporate headshot photography for everyone from the highest executives to the lowest interns. 

Jon Meadows' expression coaching and lighting lets him get beautiful shots of his clients, making subjects feel at ease and exude confidence and approachability in their headshots. That's good for them and good for your company's brand. 

Want to add makeup artists for women in the group, or add a second photographer for high-volume or short events? Jon Meadows works with professional makeup artists trained for still photography and can bring in highly skilled headshot photographers to assist him, who can be added to the packages below.

Company Headshots

If your company has not had high-end headshots, you'll probably want to get everyone up to speed. That's why High-End Headshots offers these initial group headshot sessions.

It's time to up everyone's brand, and your company's, for more prestige, a better reputation, better first impressions, and better sales. 

Travel and Setup, and 1 Selected Headshot Per Person

The mobile studio comes to your office or event within 15 miles of the U.S. Capitol Building. Request a quote if you are over 15 miles from the Capitol.

Each person chooses his or her favorite headshot, after receiving expression coaching from headshot photographer and expression coach Jon Meadows. Images will be delivered to the company within 6 business days of final payment. 

High-End Headshots includes the personal usage right for each person over their own headshots.

Corporate Headshot for Groups

5-10 people

$1,500 + $300/person

Corporate Headshot

11-20 people

$1,500 + $200/person

Corporate Headshot for Groups

21-30 people


$1,500 + $150/person

Corporate Headshot

31-50 people

$1,500 + $130/person

To secure a time and date for headshots for your office or events, click below and fill out the form. After the details are set, a retainer of 50% will be invoiced. The remainder is due after the sessions, before the delivery of final images. 

Step 2: "Sustainable Branding" Headshots

Your company will have already invested in high-end headshots. New hires need to be onboarded, and people will need their headshots updated as the years go by.

There are two options for keeping things fresh. 

  • The "Sustainable Branding" On-Location Headshots
  • The "Sustainable Branding" In-Studio Headshots

On-Location Headshots

The recurring on-location headshot sessions below can be purchased within two weeks of final delivery of initial "Amp Your Brand" on-location headshots for the coming calendar year. 

That's why High-End Headshots offers discounts for corporate clients who want to maintain stellar branding when they book one or two sessions a year to maintain their high-end branding. Jon values your business and is willing to offer steep discounts to keep loyal, like-minded clients.

These days can be booked at any agreed upon time during the year following the "Amp Your Brand" package.

Team Headshots Northern Virginia

10 people, 1 day

Save $1,000

Portfolio 11.jpg

20 people, 2 days

Save $2,100


In-Studio Headshots

Not sure your company will need even 10 new headshots in the coming year? High-End Headshots has you covered. 

Within 90 days of hiring, new employees can visit High-End Headshots' studio individually on their own schedule for 50% off individual packages. Or send someone for an update.

After your "Amp Your Brand" headshots, you'll receive a personalized promo code, and your company or the individuals can schedule what works best for them. 

Team Headshots Maryland

Unlimited People

50% off Individual Packages