Company Headshots

High-End Headshots offers corporate headshots for everyone from the highest executives to the lowest interns. 

Jon Meadows' expression coaching and lighting lets him get beautiful shots of his clients, making subjects feel at ease and exude confidence and approachability in their headshots. That's good for them and good for your company's brand. 

Want to add makeup artists for women in the group, or add a second photographer for high-volume or short events? Jon Meadows works with professional makeup artists trained for still photography and can bring in highly skilled headshot photographers to assist him, who can be added to the packages below.

Group Headshots

First, we need to get everyone up to speed. High-End Headshots' initial group headshots sessions will dramatically increase everyone's personal brand, and the company's brand, building more prestige, a better reputation, a higher quality first impression, and better sales.

At the bottom of the page, you will find two ways to keep your headshots updated and to onboard new members of your staff.

Travel and Setup, and 1 Selected Headshot Per Person

The mobile studio comes to your office or event within 15 miles of the U.S. Capitol Building. 

After receiving expression coaching from headshot photographer and expression coach Jon Meadows, each person will choose his or her favorite headshot. Images will be delivered to the company within 6 business days of final payment. 

Your employees will have personal usage right for each of their business headshots.

Corporate Headshot for Groups

5-10 people

Starts at $2,500
$1,250 + $250/person

Corporate Headshot

11-20 people

Starts at $3,700
$1,500 + $200/person

Corporate Headshot for Groups

21-30 people


Starts at $5,150
$2,000 + 

Corporate Headshot

31-50 people

Starts at $6,100
$3,000 + 

To coordinate a day for headshots at your office or event, click below. Your date will be secured once a retainer of 50% is received. The remainder is due after the sessions, before final delivery of the headshots. 

Onboarding Headshots

After you receive your headshots from the original group sessions, you will have two weeks to book one or two on-location days in the following calendar year. These will be at a discount, as an option to become a loyal, recurring customer. It is especially beneficial for companies with a significant number of new hires. 

For smaller companies or those with unpredictable numbers of new hires, another option is better. Your company can take advantage of it at any time, as needed. You will always be able to send any employee for an updated headshot at 50% off my individual headshot package.