Company Headshots

If you need to find a headshot photographer for company headshots, you have a chance to be the office hero. You can increase your people’s executive presence and increase trust in your company, which means more clients.

High-End Headshots offers a new kind of headshot experience. The sessions are engaging, educational, and supportive. The facial expression coaching produces images that show the executive presence of everyone in the company; these expressions display confidence, authority, approachability, and authenticity.

“Say cheese” just cannot get these results.

What is your company going to get by investing thousands of dollars on headshots? Just pictures of people’s heads?

It should be highlighting employees to potential clients to increase the perceived value of your services, to be able to increase the bottom line.

Headshots should not be a formality. Formalities are boring, and headshots are a chance to improve the brands of the company and of each employee.

Office Headshots

If your company has overlooked the benefits of improving executive presence across the board with high-quality staff headshots, you'll probably want to get everyone up to speed. That's why High-End Headshots offers the initial office headshot pricing below.

New Hire Headshots

After we have all the client-facing employees looking their best, you will want to keep up your branding with new hires. That’s why High-End Headshots offers a new hire program to past group clients.

After you receive your headshots from the original group sessions, your company will be able to send any employee for an updated headshot at 50% off my individual headshot session. This allow your company to maintain its superior branding even when there are new members added to the team.

Travel and Setup, and 1 Selected Headshot Per Person

Corporate Headshot for Groups

5-10 people

$1,500 + $250/person

Corporate Headshot

11-20 people

$2,000 + $200/person

Corporate Headshot for Groups

21-30 people

$2,500 + $150/person

Corporate Headshot

31-50 people

$3,000 + $125/person

The mobile studio comes to your office or event within 15 miles of the U.S. Capitol Building. Request a quote if you are over 15 miles from the Capitol.

Each person chooses his or her favorite corporate headshot, after receiving expression coaching from published headshot photographer and facial expression coach Jon Meadows. Images will be delivered to the company within 10 business days after final payment. 

High-End Headshots includes the personal usage right for each person over their own business headshot.

To coordinate a day for headshots at your office or event, click below. Your date will be secured once a retainer of 50% is received. The remainder is due after the sessions, before final delivery of the headshots.