The Perfect LinkedIn Headshot: 9 Characteristics

In less than 1 second, we have made our first impression according to Vanessa Van Edwards, a human behavior expert. More than ever before, we are making first impressions while they are home sleeping! That's why it's important to have the perfect LinkedIn headshot. 

When we see a profile of a stranger and a picture is there, don't we spend our first second looking at the picture? It's the same when people view our profile pages.

Will we be perceived as professional, knowledgeable, intelligent, confident, pleasant, engaged, and proactive? Will people want to connect with us, work with us, hire us, pay us for our services?

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My name is Jon Meadows, and I am the headshot photographer and expression coach at High-End Headshots based in Washington, D.C. I travel throughout the country. I am honored to be an associate headshot photographer of Peter Hurley, who runs the Headshot Crew