Hey, Headshot Crew! Here are some helpful resources to get you off and running on LinkedIn. 

Andy Foster's Crew Cast on LinkedIn got me going. So much good stuff in there!

My first video with some Crew members about your personal profile and interactions.

My second video with some Crew members more about LinkedIn Premium.

Manu Goswami's best practices.

Here is an educational tool guiding you through 30 days of continuous posting with instructions about how to format your posts, what to post, how to engage with commenters, etc. Very good introductory exercise to get the juices flowing.

Here is a tip for getting your post off the ground in the first hour, which is so critical. You can apply this tip without the location to reach more connections that are online. 

If you plan to be active and want to give engagement to HSC members' posts and get their engagement, let me know that and send any questions to jon@highendheadshots.com.

The deal with the email thread is that you promise to try to like and/or comment on all the posts within 1 hour of getting the link. (Send the link around as soon as you post it.) In exchange, we will try to do that for you. We'll all boost each others' engagement at the most critical time, during the first hour of the post.