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Mentoring Session


You’ve expressed interest in a one-off mentoring session with Jon Meadows.

Please select a time that works, and I’ll send you an invitation to a Zoom video for the lighting session, and we’ll do a phone call, unless you are outside the United States. 

Spending time with Jon has been similar to stepping up to an ATM where he had the PIN code — he has a midas-touch and a head for business, particularly the photography business.

I have been focused on photography as a hobby most of my life, but Jon’s focus is making money from that pursuit, which has been nothing short of revolutionary for me. He’s able to see opportunities for me and my business where I have not, and with his direct approach (with liberal amounts of kindness) has been able to guide me towards successfully meeting my goals.

For example, I have been donating my time to a local church helping those who are unemployed with a headshot for their LinkedIn page. Jon saw the opportunity in this (for 8 years, I somehow missed that) and helped me turn some of those into leads that led to business.

I highly recommend his service and counsel as a mentor.

Kevin Elwell