The Perfect Headshots for Law Firms


1. The Perfect Headshots Engage Potential Clients โ€“ Potential clients should be able to connect with us on a personal level even if we're in court when they are browsing the firm's website. First impressions are formed within 1 second. What are your headshots saying about your firm and its most valuable resource: your people?

2. The Perfect Headshots Show Us Genuine and Settled โ€“ Real expressions are not created when a photographer tells us it's time to smile. That's why you should seek out a Peter-Hurley-trained headshot photographer who can engage with your team to create and capture genuine expressions.

3. The Perfect Headshots Show Faces โ€“ A full-body portrait will not inspire as much trust in potential clients as a good headshot, especially if the space for the image is small. We connect with each other's faces, and particularly each others' eyes. If potential clients cannot see our eyes, the amount of connection and trust that headshot can create is severely limited.

4. The Perfect Headshots Have No Distractions โ€“ Our headshots should be about our faces. Distracting clothing, backgrounds, or hair going in a weird direction can take our viewersโ€™ eyes away from our eyes. The focus should be on our confident and approachable expressions.

5. The Perfect Headshots Simulate Meeting Us Face to Face โ€“ Profile pictures shot from above diminish us, making us seem inferior to the viewer, and it often distorts our shoulders and bodies. Headshot with the right camera angle is empowering, especially if the viewer is looking up at us just a touch. 

6. The Perfect Headshots Project Competence, Confidence, and Approachability โ€“ The goal of a firm's headshots should be to create trust and connection in whoever is viewing the images. That's why expression coaching is crucial; it allows us to convey the right message about who we are to the world.

7. The Perfect Headshots Reinforce a (Good) Professional Brand โ€“ Law firms who do good work probably have a good professional brand already, yet headshots are often a weak point in the branding. If your firm does excellent work, but your headshots are subpar, the firm is losing out on an opportunity to drive the point home, and close the deal.

8. The Perfect Headshots Have Accurate Colors โ€“ The colors of a firm's headshots should match what the staff look like in real life, and they should be consistent across the board. The headshot should look like they were all taken at the same time by the same photographer in the same setting with the same lighting. 

9. The Perfect Headshots Have Amazing Light โ€“ The perfect headshots for a law firm will also, of course, be well lit. The light should not create shadows on the face; soft even light conveys openness. People don't want to hire shady lawyers. Importantly, our eyes should be lit. They are the windows to our souls. 

I hope your firm has headshots that check all these boxes, so you're building trust with everyone who comes in contact with your firm. 

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If you donโ€™t live around D.C., no worries. I travel across the country to shoot headshots, and I work with high-end headshot photographers around the world who can offer cost savings to your firm, regardless of where your offices are.

My name is Jon Meadows, and I am the headshot photographer and expression coach at High-End Headshots based in Washington, D.C. I am honored to be an associate headshot photographer of Peter Hurley, who runs the Headshot Crew